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bývalá brúsiareň príborov The Company SANDRIK 1895 s.r.o. is active in gastronomy, food-processing industry, health service and automobile industry.
By its volume of production and employment rate it belongs to small and medium size industrial concerns of central Pohronie.
The company resides in Hodruša – Hámre, in the valley of Hodruša creek, in the first valley to Štiavnica mountains from the express highway Bratislava - Žarnovica - Banská Bystrica.
The Trade mark SANDRIK and the graphic mark ROZETA are closely related to our company through years, which is shown by two historical facts: Sandrik - Továreň na strieborné výrobky v roku 1914 - a Silver products factory was built in 1895 at the property of Joanes Sandrik, where was situated the old family house of the local miner.
- the Trade mark of the factory – the six-leaf rosette comes from the heraldry of the founder of the Mining union of Geramb.
Company SANDRIK 1895 s.r.o., as well as its employees proudly indorse to a well-known slogan of their precedessors:

tradition, purposefulness and quality

Since the foundation the company regularly supports cultural, social and sporting life in the village of Hodruša – Hámre, as well as afterschool activities of the pupils of local elementary school.
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